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Silky Smoothing Treatment Intense

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Restore your hair’s health with MJ Hair Silky Smoothing System treatment. It helps smooth wavy, curly and frizzy hair. Its revolutionary formula is created to penetrate through the hair and reverse damage. It strengthens and restores shine for healthier, frizz free and silky hair.

manageable hair

Instructions for use:

Shampoo hair twice with MJ Hair Shampoo, do not apply conditioner or any additional styling agents. Towel dry and comb out hair , then blow dry the hair about 80% . Section hair into four quadrants. Proceed to section each quadrant with half inch to one inch partings (depending on thickness of hair). Apply MJ Hair Silky Smoothing System half an inch away from the root, do not apply on scalp. Comb product throughout the ends until the hair is fully saturated ( hair should look damp, not soaking wet). Repeat steps to all four quadrants. Wait 15 minutes. Once the hair is fully saturated, blow dry hair 100% , then start flat ironing process. Flatiron temperature must be set at 450°-470°. Proceed by taking half inch to one inch partings and flat iron 10-13 times from root to ends. Do so in each section until full head in complete.

You can apply MJ Hair Shiny Silk for any flyaways.

-Tame your hair

– Reverse the signs of dry hair

– No more frizz

– Versatility to desire wavy or straight

– Long-lasting results

– Smooth, shiny and silky hair

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